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When a wine cellar communicates a territory

It is not possible to talk about Calabria and its wines without naming the most important and representative of its wine cellars: Librandi. A winery based in Cirò Marina, whose roots go back to the 1950s, and which over the decades has managed to become an ambassador of the authentic Calabria throughout the world, not only through its wines but also and above all by giving value to its naturalistic, anthropological and social context, a context which is often little known but in reality, it is one full of history and excellence.

Ever since we had the honor of meeting this extraordinary family of winemakers, we have understood that the great value behind their success in the world of wine is precisely their ability to have always made viticulture an opportunity for growth and progress for the entire territory as well, with generosity and a sense of the community to which they belong. This is their greatest merit, which is still palpable today: we have the honor of narrating it.

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Rigorously weaving together the threads of this company’s work in the wine and wine-making fields, always supported by meticulous scientific research, with the propensity, inherent in the company’s DNA, to act as a driving force and stimulus for the development of an entire territory. This is the challenge we took on in order to convey everything about the Librandis and their wines.

To do this, we created a series of activities that took into account both of the two dimensions in order to better convey an entrepreneurial reality that has succeeded in making the concept of “sharing” its banner.

On the one hand, through on-line tastings, press lunches, one-to-one meetings and thematic insights, we have told how the Librandis have always been pioneers of research in the wine sector, playing a leading role in the rediscovery of some of the now-forgotten or lost native vines.

On the other hand, through press tours directly on the territory, we have taken journalists on a discovery of the Librandis philosophy of production, but also that of other entrepreneurial realities engaged in various sectors that present themselves today in Calabria as true witnesses of a virtuous entrepreneurial system, concrete evidence of a way of doing business capable of bringing great value to the territory itself.


Case histories

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