Meet Anna


CEO e Press Office Director

With a background in economics, I have loved talking about the food & wine sector for years, in Italy and abroad. I convert strategies into actions, I imagine communication scenarios that can best enhance the brands with which I have the honor of working, and I organize my team in such a way as to give space to the various talents.

Passion, curiosity and enthusiasm are my distinguishing characteristics as well as a never-ending optimism in the face of the challenges I encounter. Every occasion is good for packing my suitcase and traveling to discover the world.

Meet our team

Press Office Account

With a degree in Political Science and a classical high school diploma, I love writing and the use of words to tell stories, to talk about territories and people. I am keenly interested in the culture of social responsibility, the issues related to sustainability and civil rights and politics understood as the art of associating for a common goal.

Raised with a scouts neckerchief around my neck, when I’m not writing I free up my mind in the open air or sitting in front of a good dish of food and a glass of wine.

International PR Account

Always attentive to the new trends in communication (regarding food & wine), I carefully select bits of news, experiences, wine tours for press interlocutors from all over the world.

Every day I communicate the poetry and complexity of ‘Made in Italy’ to cultures that are always different, and I keep with me a deep love for human relationships.

Between one wine experience and another, I always find time for a new recipe or to try out the cuisine of some new restaurant.

International PR Account

Convinced humanist (in possession of a classical high school diploma and a degree in Foreign Languages), as a young girl I loved writing so much that I felt it was a kind of special friend that adhered perfectly to my way of being, to such a degree that I chose it as my favorite way to communicate with myself.

I arrived in the fabulous world of wine & food press offices when I was already grown up, with professional background experiences that were often quite different from each other, and from this advantage I learned the value of adaptability.

Being the megaphone for those who work stalwartly every day aiming at excellence in the name of Made in Italy, is a subtle game of balances, among creativity, empathy, listening, intuition and passion. I believe in the strength of the team because the combination of different talents oriented towards the same objective creates that uniqueness which, if it succeeds in becoming distinctive, can really go a long way.

Social Media Manager - Office Manageress

The world of communication has always fascinated me; I had clear ideas even when I was in high school. In fact, I couldn’t help but obtain a three-year degree in public relations and business communication. Over time, I also realized that I have a great small passion for digital marketing and the world of social media in general, a passion that I am still refining.

When you can’t find me on Instagram, it means that I’m most likely organizing little trips or outings to discover dishes and products that I haven’t tasted yet. I really believe that food is my second passion … or is it maybe my first one?

Press Office Specialist

Writing is my biggest passion and I believe it can’t be otherwise, having been raised on bread and books! I am convinced that to communicate better with the public it is essential to know the society and all its changes, which is why I ended up in Political Science before moving on to a degree in Communication Design.

What’s better than sitting around a table with good food and excellent wine to get to know a person better? Perhaps that is the reason why I love to tell about and talk about food & wine so much.

Raised from an early age on bread and art, after obtaining a high school diploma with a specialization in art, I started a master’s degree course to become a professional photographer. I took my first steps as a fashion photographer but after an experience in the Big Apple, there grew in me the passion to immortalise the emotions that people’s faces transmit via their thousand and more expressions.

Thus I became acquainted with a more authentic, spontaneous, in short, artistic kind of photography.

Professionally involved in the world of event organisation, especially in the food and wine sector, I never leave my dear, beloved camera at home.

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