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A bottle that talks to a Lifestyle

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When a bottle communicates with the lifestyle sector

Albeisa, the association – which became a Consortium in 2020 – born from the will of the producers of the Langa denominations to enhance the wines of their territory, has been known since its creation for combining two souls: Albeisa is a bottle, with an excellent aesthetic quality and a technical identity that has always characterized it, but it is also and above all a tool, a means for promoting a territory, the Langhe.

The current narrative of this iconic bottle confirms the goodness and farsightedness of the original project: craftsmanship and global vision, attention to the environment and a strong boost to the promotion of a truly unique enological heritage.

All these elements incited us to tell this fascinating story also to the generalist press, in particular to journalists in the lifestyle sector.

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From the very beginning, the need was to create elaborate cases by means of which to tell the story of this bottle and its intimate connection with the territory, enhancing those elements of interest for a narrative capable of transmitting the vitality and innovation that lies behind this project aiming at the enhancement of a territory.

To this end, there was a study made to identify some points of interest and specific experiences typical of the territory (truffle hunting; bicycle tours; creation of homemade pasta in collaboration with some artisan pasta factories; lunch in the vineyard) usable for a target of generalist and lifestyle press.

An ad hoc incoming program was therefore created, and a press release was drafted and circulated which was aimed at giving a coherent narration of the territory and of the Albeisa bottle to the focus mastheads, a narration that would be able to synthesize these various elements.


Case histories

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