Winemaker, master brewer or distiller?
Pastry chef, chocolatier or gourmet chef?
Consortium of producers or organiser of food & wine events?

Whatever the professionalism and excellence you bring to the world of food and wine, we can give voice to your unique story.

But what does this mean, specifically?
Listening and building your story together with you.
At the core, we are STORYTELLER and we master the art of fine-tuning the right tone of voice and content based on who you are and your goals.

Turning a fact into NEWS.
We know the trends in the industry and know how to use a suitable LANGUAGE for each media: print, radio and TV, web magazines and blogs, social.

Keeping up with the times.
We are a 2.0 PRESS OFFICE, able to manage your online reputation and create a strategy to create meaningful connections aimed at, ultimately, increasing the traffic on your channels.

We have international contacts with consumer and trade media.

Everyday we talk to more than a thousand journalists, bloggers, influencers and industry-relevant news agencies. We have a deep knowledge of what each of them is looking for, how they want to find out about it and, when timing is good to let them know about it.

SELECT the right audiences and stakeholders.
We help you choosing who is closest to your story in terms of sensitivity, experience and follow-through.

INVOLVE to amplify the message.
Every story can be best communicated via a dedicated special event: tastings, press conferences and tours… we’ve got you covered.

Are you interested in having a press office?