We think that the best way to deliver a good job is talking about what you know and respect is the best way to do a good job. For this reason we have chosen to specialize in FOOD AND WINE MARKETING. We consider all things about Made in Italy to be about a tangible heritage, especially when it comes to food and wine.

Italy is a country where each region, each city and every village showcases a wine that is produced exclusively there and unique products, impossible to replicate. It is these nuances that we are passionate about, that we like to give prominence to and, that we want to mind the world about.

We are deeply familiar with strategies of contemporary food and wine marketing 2.0.

For this reason, before diving into creating and diffusing specific contents, we immerge ourselves in what you do, we talk a lot with you, we listen to you, ultimately, to gain a deeper understanding of what your business mission and goals are.

What follows is an evaluation of the scenario in which your BRAND operates, to define, in accordance with what you do, a strategic line of action that identifies the most appropriate COMMUNICATION CHANNELS, aimed at reaching opinion leaders and potential customers.

Only then do we work on the production and dissemination of specific content, identifying the most receptive interlocutors for each message. Publication is, truly, only the last step of a VIRTUOUS CYCLE.

Shall we work together?